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Create videos faster

It's like steroids for how-to video production


How-to videos the way your brain wants see them


Learn how-to do so much amazing isht

Dance Disco

Know how to boogie better than anyone in the room, teach the people

Play Saxophone

Want to learn how to play some smooth smooth Jazz, hownova it


The Mona Lisa can be outdone, what are you waiting for, get going


Hitting the long ball isn't easy, but you win on the green, one putt to victory

How-to Super-Powers

Hownova allows you to learn how to do things, faster and better, it’s like superpowers. Hownova emPOWERS creators to look at all of the steps people face when trying to do something new, then break it down into short and bite-sized videos, so anyone can learn from them.

  • Create better videos with super speed
  • Fly through step-by-step video tutorials
  • Genius , that's what you are for using hownova

Complex tasks made simple

Hownova allows anyone to perform complex tasks by breaking down steps into short, easy to understand videos. Hownova’s powerful visual approach ensures that you get the help you need without jumping through hoops or searching for instructions online

  • Create and build an audience
  • Learn faster, the first time
  • Hownova , next generation how-to videos

Hownova's video editor is purpose built for how-to content, which enables faster creation and better quality product.

Anonymous , CMO
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